Photo and summary video from Ogen/blik concert

After 70 hours residency at Studio Loos, the concert “Ogen/blik” had finished on March 29th.
We were so happy to see so many people there!!
Thank you for your support!
I have many idea to develop my piece and this concert itself…
If you missed the concert, now you can watch this summary video.
(Thank you Nishiko and Momoko!)
And these nice photo are by Ed Jansen.

少し前になってしまいますが、3月29日にStudio LOOSでのOgen/blikのコンサート、終えました!
写真はEd Jansenです。

Akiko Ushijima - The Day of Parallel
Akiko Ushijima - Instan’stillation

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