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Tactual Sensation -flash- (electro-acoustic piece) for Bass Clarinet, electronics and mime

Southern Point for Bredan Faegre ensemble ;
soprano saxophone, baroque violin, piano, double bass and drum
The Day of Parallel (sound performance) for viola, piano, electronics and video
Instan’stillation (electro-acoustic piece) for contrabass recorder and electronics

flash (solo version) for violin, electronics, lighting
flash (audio-visual piece) for violin. viola. electronics, lighting
flash for Vl. Vla. El. Light

Cosmonica (electronics)
was performed by composer in December 3rd 2012 NL.

Swelling Darkness (theatrical piece)
for soprano. accordion. electronics, lighting

High Time High Tide
for oboe, clarinet, horn, bassoon, violin, viola, cello, doublebass

was performed by Asko schoenberg ensemble in April 2012 NL.

Drawing Music – Where The Giraffe Is –
for Percussion solo

S.S.S. -Phantom Music- (audio-visual piece)
for 2violin, 2viola, 4percussionists

Mare Serenitatis
for piano and electronics

Color Cycling
for alto saxophone, tenor saxophone, trombone, piano, electric guitar, vibraphone

floating vapor
for alto saxophone

Distorting Melody
for clarinet, electric guitar, cello, double bass, piano, vibraphone
Distorting melody

was performed by Bang on a Can All-Stars in April 2010 NL.

for hammond organ, e.guitar, d.bass, 2 percussionist

for 3soprano, alto, 3melodica